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too much drama for your mama

the journal of your average loserkid

12 November 1985
right now i'm a sophomore/junior~ish at scad (the savannah college of art and design), even though i have no artistic ability whatsoever (yeah, i don't really know how that works either). i'm thinkin that my major will be fibers.

oh, and i am the queen of crappy music. for serious :)

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1/2", 90's rock, accents, ace of base, acting like a tard, alkaline trio, allegro academy of dance, anti-women jokes, aqua teen hunger force, art, babies of the 80s, ballet, barenaked ladies, better than ezra, black, black and white photos, black eyeliner, body modification, boy pants, boys, brand new, bright eyes, cake, catholocism, cats, chocolate, coheed and cambria, collective soul, coloring my hair, counting crows, cowboy mouth, crappy music, crocheting, cross-stitching, cutting, dancing, dashboard confessional, dead baby jokes, disney music, donnie darko, dressing up, eating, emo, emo boys, empire records, eyeliner, fall out boy, fibers, fishnets, friends, further seems forever, gay boys, george w. bush, getting dolled up, gin blossoms, girly stuff, grandaddy, hair, hair dye, high heels, hobbits, hootie and the blowfish, hot apple cider, hot hot heat, ice cream, insomnia, jazz, jewelry, kissing, kitchen bitches, kittens, knitting, languages, laughing at everything, lefty's deceiver, lip gloss, livejournal, living on campus, loud music, love, lyrical, makeup, making out, matt pond pa, mc chris, meatwad, mieka pauley, military boys, modest mouse, music, my saint, neutral milk hotel, non-existence, northstar, not eating, not feeling, not the south line, pain, pale skin, personal 80's days, phantom planet, photography, piercings, pills, playing my music loudly, pointe, pretty girls make graves, reading, rilo kiley, safety pins, savannah, saves the day, scad, scars, self-loathing, self-mutilation, series books, sewing, sharp shinies, sharpie markers, shoes, showers, skirts, sleater-kinney, smashing pumpkins, something corporate, sorry about dresden, spin doctors, strawberries, straws, straylight run, streched ears, streching my ears, super whiteness, taking back sunday, taking pictures, tap, the 80s, the darkness, the dresden dolls, the early 90s, the get up kids, the killers, the new amsterdams, the postal service, thrice, tool, weezer, wheel of time